Aave Weekly Updates

Aave Weekly Update - June 19, 2023

News and updates about Aave governance

⌛ Key Points

  1. New assets continue to be discussed (and voted on) for addition to Aave V3 on different chains. This is happening in conjunction with deprecation of the V2 AMM market and discussion of next steps in V2 to V3 migration (Ethereum), as presented by @ChaosLabs.

  2. @Flipside’s proposal to assume a contributor role at Aave will soon be up for voting on Snapshot.

  3. We at Boardroom have suggested hosting a biweekly Aave governance call (also suggested in Flipside’s proposal); see our reasoning here.

  4. Check out the proposal from @TokenLogic for initial liquidity pools supporting the GHO launch.

🗳️ Recent Proposals

Aave Improvement Proposals

  • Risk Parameter Updates Aave V3 Ethereum (247). Queued for execution.

  • Risk Parameter Updates for AAVE V2 Ethereum (246). Failed on June 18.

  • Add 1INCH to Aave V3 Ethereum (245). Queued for execution.

  • Add ENS to Aave V3 Ethereum (244). Queued for execution.

  • Add LUSD to Arbitrum Aave V3 (243). Executed on June 18.

  • Add rETH to Arbitrum Aave v3 (242). Executed on June 18.

  • Polygon Supply Cap Update (241). Executed on June 15.

On Snapshot

  • [ARFC] Add native USDC to the Arbitrum V3 pool. Ended on June 17 with 100% voting YAE.

  • [ARFC] Add FRAX Arbitrum Aave v3. Ended on June 17 with 80.22% voting YAE.

  • [TEMP CHECK] Add GMX to Arbitrum v3. Ended on June 17 with 64.29% voting YAE.

  • [ARFC] Add FRAX to Ethereum Aave v3. Ended on June 17 with nearly 100% voting YAE.

  • [TEMP CHECK] Aave v3 MVP deployment on Scroll mainnet. Ended on June 16 with nearly 100% voting YAE.

  • [TEMP CHECK] Pyth to Support AAVE on Optimism as a Secondary Oracle. Ended on June 15 with 66.9% voting For.

In discussion

  • [ARFC] Chaos Labs Risk Stewards - Increase Supply Caps wstETH Arbitrum and Ethereum

  • [ARFC]: Supply Cap Updates for Polygon Aave V3, Arbitrum Aave V3 on 2023-06-18

  • [ARFC] - Whitelist Stargate for V3 Portals

  • [ARFC] Aave V3 Deployment on Base

  • [ARFC] Chaos Labs V2 to V3 Migration Next Steps

  • [ARFC] Chaos Labs Risk Parameter Updates - CRV Aave V2 Ethereum - 2023.06.15

  • [ARFC] Emode Risk Parameters Aave ETH V3 Pool Update

  • [TEMP CHECK] GHO Liquidity Pools

  • [TEMP CHECK] Gauntlet recommendation on TUSD for Aave v2 Ethereum

  • [TEMP CHECK] Allocating part of GHO Revenue to Safety Incentives

✍️ Forum Highlights

  • There has been vigorous discussion around Gauntlet’s recommendation to freeze CRV and set LTV to 0 on Aave v2 Ethereum (the AIP was voted down).

  • Check out delegate platform updates from @0xkeyrock.eth and @lbsblockchain.

  • @mattgurbiel from RedStone raises the question of oracle providers for GHO price feeds — which may be a decision left to third party protocols using GHO as collateral, as @MarcZeller notes.

  • @polarpunklabs reports on the Aave Case Study recently completed with a colleague and funded by Aave Grants DAO. This case study is intended for use in college/university courses.

📰 Stakeholder News

🔮 Upcoming Votes

Price feeds operational update Pt2 - stETH

[TEMP CHECK] Aave | Flipside Proposal

[TEMP CHECK] GHO Liquidity Pools

Thank you for reading the Aave Weekly Update.

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